Fringe Hair Salon

Fringe Herne HillAt Fringe Hair Salon we ensure you get a great hairstyle in a relaxed and friendly environment. We can provide the latest styles for men and women, as well as being very child-friendly with competitive prices for all the family. Our premises have been recently refurbished and we are well-established, having served the Herne Hill area since 1995. Come in and have a complimentary fresh cup of coffee while one of our stylists gives you a personal consultation.

Address: Fringe, 19 Half Moon Lane, Herne Hill, London SE24 9JU

Telephone: 0207 738 3940


At Fringe salon we use Tigi and Fudge products. We also sell a selection of Fudge Hair Products. Just add hair!
Fudge Products Our selection includes:
Wet Wax - Light hold forming spray wax
Hair Varnish - Light-medium hold definition wax
Skrewd - Medium hold curl enhancing gel lotion
Hair Putty - Medium hold styling clay
Erekt - Medium hold heat responsive straightening gel
Root Juice - Medium hold root booster
Matte Hed - Firm hold texturising matte paste
Fat Hed - Firm hold texture paste
Hair Shaper - Strong hold matte molding creme
Membrane Gas - Strong hold texturising fixing gas
Dynamite - Deep penetrating repair treatment for all hair types
Whiter Shade Of Pale Toner